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香港 | HKU MArch 2018毕业展

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作者:Carl/著 洪宸/编

编者按:一年一度的 # 香港大学建筑学院 # 毕业展 又开始啦!港大的建筑设计课程在近几年进行了较为大型的变革,形成了五个不同的 platform,分别是

Geography, Landscape, Infrastructure(GLI)

Living, Cities, the Countryside, and Rural(LCR)

Ecology, Sustainability, Recycle(ESR)

Material, Technology, Robotics(MTR)

Politics, Art,Media(PAM)



2018 年度香港大学毕业展海报



Redesign Subterranean Cave - Dwellings

By Wang Hongyu

This thesis aims to re-design the new typology embracing residential and public large spaces, with the same scenery above but an efficient subterranean diversity. It’s advocated the mix-use spaces to create a hybrid mode of native living and tourism, and it’s embodied by a community-scale design besides the original resulting in an organic healthy growth. Through the evolution of the architecture, it’s aspired to perpetuate the vernacular culture and assist coming development via a modernization of cave- dwelling with respects.

本文旨在重新设计包含住宅和公共大空间的新类型,具有相同的风景,但具有高效的地下多样性。 它倡导混合使用空间,以创造一种本土生活和旅游的混合模式,并通过社区规模的设计体现,除了原始设计,导致有机健康的增长。 通过建筑的发展,它渴望延续本土文化,并通过洞穴居住的现代化与尊重来协助即将到来的发展。



Inhabitable Infrastructure

By Li Geng

In Shenzhen, there are more than 200 urban villages, serving as one of the best ways of settlements for the migrants. The recent Gangxia village demolition created several billionaires, which brought the government great fiscal pressure. Instead of demolishing all the self-built housings, it would be better to redevelop them as the cost for compensation could be relatively low. On the other hand, it could provide affordable housings for migrants. The thesis would focus on creating an infrastructure to provide villagers with artificial lands, which allows them to build low rise and low tech housings for affordable rental onto it instead of expanding horizontal on the ground. Meanwhile, multiple public programs including commercial, communal space, car port and open space could be integrated into the megastructure, making it an organic and highly autonomous community.

在深圳,有200多个城市村庄,是移民定居点的最佳方式之一。最近的岗厦村拆迁造就了几位亿万富翁,给政府带来了巨大的财政压力。 而不是拆除所有自建房屋,最好重新开发它们,因为补偿成本可能相对较低。 另一方面,它可以为移民提供负担得起的住房。该论文的重点是建立一个基础设施,为村民提供人造土地,这使他们能够建造低矮和低科技的住房,以便可以负担得起租金,而不是在地面上横向扩展。 同时,包括商业,公共空间,汽车港口和开放空间在内的多个公共项目可以整合到大型结构中,使其成为一个有机的,高度自治的社区。



Habitat Interchanges

By Lee Ka

Cities are expanding on the base of highways and result in more interchanges. Due to infrastructural needs, interchanges occupy large plots of land of splitting, connecting, bending highways. This spatial complexity, i.e. overlapping flyovers and highways,formulates underdeveloped spaces dedicated primarily to vehicular transportation.

This thesis examines the potential of living at these infrastructure nodes in Hong Kong by redefining the relationships between highway, topography and architecture. An interchange at Yuen Long is taken. Through investigation on speed and resulted spaces along/ in the midst/ over/ under highways, interchanges are decomposed into segments to study and design the intermediate spaces between the highways and the open spaces bounded by them.

城市正在高速公路的基础上扩展,并导致更多的交汇。 由于基础设施的需要,交汇处占据了分裂,连接,弯曲高速公路的大块土地。 这种空间复杂性,即重叠的天桥和高速公路,形成了主要专用于车辆运输的不发达空间。本文通过重新定义公路,地形和建筑之间的关系,探讨了在香港这些基础设施节点生活的潜力。 采取元朗交汇处。 通过对高速公路中 / 上 / 下的速度和结果空间的调查,交汇处被分解成段,以研究和设计高速公路与其所包围的开放空间之间的中间空间。



Between Dream & Reality

in Search of life and Soul in


By Chang Ming Fung

In the era of capitalism, it is the norm to strive for rationality and efficiency in the construction sector. Human experiences area rarely the priorities, as they are often left till the last stage of design throughout the profession. This results in the disappearance of some basic architectural aspects that cater our physical,

psychological and instinctive needs, such as: ceiling height variety to provide different level of intimacies; specificity of light in different situations to create certain kind of moods; the use of natural materials to raise our awareness to the passage of the time. With the exploration of space, light and material through model making and photography, I intend to rediscover the important fragments that appeal to core human needs, which were however, lost in the pursuit for efficiency and rationality in the modern period. Hence, my thesis is a representation of my strong will to resist to the current condition.

在资本主义时代,在建筑领域争取理性和效率是一种常态。人类经验领域很少是优先事项,因为它们通常被留到整个行业的设计的最后阶段。 这导致一些基本建筑方面的消失,满足我们的身体,心理和本能需求,例如:天花板高度变化以提供不同程度的亲密关系 ; 在不同情况下光的特异性来创造某种情绪 ; 使用天然材料来提高我们对时间流逝的认识。通过模型制作和摄影探索空间,光线和材料,我打算重新发现那些吸引人类核心需求的重要片段,然而,这些片段在追求现代时期的效率和理性方面却失去了。 因此,我的论文表达了我抵抗现状的坚强意志。




By Zhang Guangning

1 July march is an annual demonstration. Instead of a pure political movement, this carnivalesque movement help marginalized groups can spread their idea and raise found. However, with strict surveillance, this freedom of speech becomes a pain killer and is criticized for falling into emotional resistance not seeking communication.

Theme park is a wonderland for people to escape, to celebrate. Similar to demonstration, it combines bodily experience and intense emotion of participants and spectators. A new theme park is proposed at Central as a phantasmagorical critique to the situation of freedom of speech today. Start from Statues Square to harbor front, it provides an exceptional space as a terminal of 1 July march to celebrate. Entertainment industries are juxtaposed together with demonstration activities. Sequence of the park are organized according to the process of democratic expression. The design of installations lead protesters to focus on the negotiations rather than emotional confrontations and joyful form help spectators understand and even express.

7 月 1 日游行是一年一度的示威游行。这种狂欢化的运动不是纯粹的政治运动,而是帮助边缘化群体传播他们的想法并提高发现。然而,通过严格的监视,这种言论自由成为一种止痛药,并因为陷入情绪阻力而不寻求交流而受到批评。主题公园是人们逃离,庆祝的仙境。与示范相似,它结合了参与者和观众的身体经验和强烈的情感。中环提出了一个新的主题公园,作为对今天言论自由情况的幻想批判。从雕像广场(Stateues Square)开始前往海港,它提供了一个独特的空间作为 7 月 1 日游行的终端庆祝。娱乐业与示范活动并列在一起。公园的顺序是根据民主表达的过程组织的。装置的设计使抗议者专注于谈判而不是情感对抗和快乐的形式帮助观众理解甚至表达。



Across The Invisible Walls

By Sin Tone Leung

The thesis aims to respond to the fragmentation of city fabric and to re-establish an active axial relationship of the hill, city, and water in the Western District. By unraveling layers of historical transformations and instilling site-specific interventions at/with the Invisible Walls – the infrastructures resided from city expansion from the 1960sonward – it intends to establish a form of connectivity that relates events, facilities the experience of flaneur and enhances the potential of neighborhoods without over-damaging the essence of place.

本文旨在应对城市结构的碎片化,重建西部地区山,城,水的主动轴向关系。 通过揭开历史变革的层次,并在隐形墙上灌输特定地点的干预措施 - 基础设施来自 20 世纪 60 年代以后的城市扩张 - 它打算建立一种连接事件的形式,设置事实的经验,增强潜力 邻里没有过度损害地方的本质。



Landfill by Default

By Hong Hui Ching

Coastal waste is a mixture of rubbish and debris that come from varies of sources which ending up being washed up to coastline –it became a type of spatial object that began to largely occupy the coastal edges of Hong Kong. The existence of coastal waste has been embedded into the local ecology and its repelling properties began to change the living pattern of different species and human. Once these locations reach its critical capacity, permanent and harmful impacts would be brought to the ecosystem and human. Without effective solution or cleanup operation to match the accelerating phenomenon of growing coastal waste, these contaminated areas became the Landfill by Default – a new challenging living and building condition. This thesis is dedicated to investigate coastal waste in the ecology of the coastline of Hong Kong and the role of Architecture in this changing environment.

沿海废物是来自不同来源的垃圾和碎片的混合物,最终被冲到海岸线 - 它成为一种空间物体,开始大部分占据香港的沿岸边缘。 沿海废弃物的存在已经融入当地生态,其排斥特性开始改变不同物种和人类的生活方式。 一旦这些地点达到其临界能力,就会给生态系统和人类带来永久和有害的影响。如果没有有效的解决方案或清理操作来匹配沿海垃圾增长的加速现象,这些污染区域将成为违约填埋场 - 一种新的具有挑战性的生活和建筑条件。 本文致力于研究香港海岸线生态中的沿海废弃物以及建筑在这个不断变化的环境中的作用。



Dissolving The Rail Corrido

Infrastructure as a performative Generator for the City

By Chao u Cheng

The rail system is connecting people from one point to another,but it also divides the alongside environment. This thesis explores on the possibilities of how architecture can link the built land on one side and the waterfront on the other to neutralize the invisible barrier that created by the rail system. Regenerating the space that in between the rail station which not only connecting people from two sides, but also works as a performative generator to the culture, environment, and the population etc. to its urban context. In order to make architecture work as an environmentally generator to merge nature into the city, and become a platform to promote the future development for the city.

铁路系统将人们从一个点连接到另一个点,但它也将环境分开。 本文探讨了建筑如何将建筑的土地与一侧的海岸连接起来,以及另一方面将铁路系统产生的无形屏障中和起来的可能性。 重建铁路车站之间的空间,不仅可以将人员从两个方面连接起来,而且还可以作为文化,环境和人口等的表演者,发挥其在城市环境中的作用。 为了使建筑作为环境发生器将自然融入城市,并成为促进城市未来发展的平台。



Brownfield Erosion

Strategies to remediate and sustain Agriculture。Agriculture land is eroding by brownfield in Hong Kong. Brownfield land - define as abandoned agricultural or rural land that turned into industrial use. These brownfield are operating and releasing contamination continuously which expanding to

agriculture land. These humanize undesirable functions are producing heavy

metal to contaminate the soil and water source for irrigation.The adjacent farms are became infertile and contaminated which cannot cultivate healthy crops. Afterwards they will turn into deserted and its landlord will sell the land to the developer of brownfield with no alternatively. This unjust phenomenon and ecology needed to be controlled and alter. This thesis is to use architectural intervention to protect agriculture land from the influences by the brownfield and alter this ecology. By time based strategies to remediate and regenerate the contaminated land into sustainable and cultivate land.

香港的棕色地带正在侵蚀农业用地。 布朗菲尔德土地 - 定义为废弃的农业或农村土地,变成工业用途。 这些棕色地带不断地运行和释放污染物,扩展到农田。这些人性化的不良功能正在产生重金属以污染土壤和水源以进行灌溉。 相邻的农场变得贫瘠和受污染,无法种植健康的作物。 之后他们将变成冷清,其房东将土地出售给棕色地带的开发商,没有替代。 这种不公正的现象和生态需要得到控制和改变。 本论文采用建筑干预来保护农田免受棕地的影响,改变这种生态。 通过时间为基础的策略,以修复和再生受污染的土地为可持续和耕种土地。



Biophilic Community

From Separation to Integration

By Lau Siu Yan

The topic is about the relationship between human and nature always be a controversial issue around the world. Shocking but true, indigenous villagers in Northern Lantau are chopping down the mangroves and shrubs on the coast of Tai Ho Wan in protest over land rights in 2014. According to the latest aerial photos, there were 3500 square meters, a standard football pitch, vegetation with rich ecological value removed, some of them located on the land where belongs to Site of Special Scientific Interest areas. And this is not the individual cases in Hong Kong. It reveals the problem about the conflict on conservation between Government Intention and the people attitude. As inspired by Jane Goodall, "only if the people understand the value of nature can people preserve the environment" (Lindsey, 1999). Derived from that, the research question is about the possibility of changing the human - nature relationship by reshaping the built environment through biophilic design.

关于人与自然之间关系的话题一直是全世界备受争议的问题。令人震惊但真实的是,大屿山北部的土着村民正在砍伐大蚝湾沿岸的红树林和灌木,以抗议 2014 年的土地权。根据最新航拍照片,有 3500 平方米,标准足球场,植被 具有丰富的生态价值,其中一些位于属于特殊科学兴趣区的土地上。这不是香港的个案。 它揭示了政府意图与人民态度之间保护冲突的问题。 正如 Jane Goodall 所启发的那样,“只有人们了解自然的价值才能保护环境”(Lindsey,1999)。 由此得出的研究问题是通过自然设计重塑建筑环境来改变人与自然关系的可能性。



Re-imageing the Anthropogenic Landscape

Re-imaging the Anthropogenic Landscape of Mining Sector in

Tibetan Region

Industrialization and Capitalism change our way of seeing the nature-human relationship. The growth society is dominated and often obsessed by growth economics, at the cost of pushing the biosphere to its limits. The Anthropocene thesis suggests human interventions into geology have ramifications that will stretch into the future for longer than perhaps even our species will exist. Architecture has the capacity to extend man's destruction of the environment, but also, at its best, retains the capacity to invent new modes of co-existence. Architecture offers a lens to understand human activity as a geologic activity. In highly-disturbed landscapes, remediation is done not only to prevent more damages from being done to humans and the environment.

I see architecture as a mean to reveal the sublime beauty and contrasting contexts in these polluted water landscapes, while exposing some of the underlying, conflicting values and tradeoffs. When the government fails to balance exploitation of natural resources driven by economic operations and the well-being of the commons, can architect4ure foreground the negotiation processes between manmade and natural environment?

工业化和资本主义改变了我们看待自然 - 人类关系的方式。成长型社会占主导地位,经常被增长经济学所困扰,其代价是将生物圈推向极限。人类世的论点表明,人类对地质学的干预会产生影响,这些影响将延伸到未来甚至比甚至我们的物种都存在的时间更长。建筑有能力扩展人类对环境的破坏,但在最好的情况下,仍保留了发明新共存模式的能力。建筑提供了一个透镜,将人类活动理解为地质活动。在高度受干扰的景观中,修复不仅是为了防止对人类和环境造成更多损害。




Grow Your Own Formwork

By Hung Chi Lok

This thesis is developed with a strong focus on material innovation,novel construction technique and physical prototyping, emphasizing both materials exploration and the balance between aesthetics and structural performances. Though exploring the implications and specificities of bamboo and fabric formed concrete with experiments innovatively towards new design discoveries and trajectories, the project departs from different architectural elements and structures as prototypes such as foundations, columns, slabs and roofs systems. Also utilize design concepts with digital computation tools to express the tectonic qualities of different forms of structures. The structure maintains high contextual character integrating structural principles, with the employment of digital simulation and design tools to optimize both aesthetics and structural efficiencies.

本论文的研究主要集中在材料创新,新颖的施工技术和物理原型上,强调材料的探索和美学与结构性能之间的平衡。 虽然通过创新性地探索新的设计发现和轨迹,探索竹子和织物混凝土的含义和特性,但该项目不同于建筑元素和结构,如基础,柱子,平板和屋顶系统等原型。 还利用数字计算工具的设计概念来表达不同形式结构的构造质量。 该结构保持了高度的背景特征,整合了结构原理,采用数字仿真和设计工




Water Reclamation Landscape

From Tectonic Infrastructure to Water Reclamation Landscape

By Jiang Jing

The thesis aims to research on how surface controls the water, and how the water flow constitutes the space to explore the miniature space of oblique surfaces by 3-D robotic printing. Through the research on surface variation by water and the exploration of robotic printing as the methods of real construction, the thesis aims to transform the retaining wall into the water reclamation landscape and bring back citizen to the sensitive emotion of

weather change with the water flow.

本文旨在研究表面如何控制水,以及水流如何构成空间,通过三维机器人印刷探索斜面的微小空间。 本文通过对水面变化的研究和机器人印刷作为实际施工方法的探索,旨在将挡土墙改造为水淹景观,并通过水流将公民带入天气变化的敏感情境中。



Adaptive Renovation of Car Park

By Zhou Zhengmian

The car park is very common in Hong Kong. In the future, the need of the car park would decrease due to the decrease of cars. How to deal with these empty car parks? Should they be pulled down? Or should they be transformed into new function? My topic is the adaptive renovation of car park, trying to find a solution to transform some car park into other usage. The bigger problem is how to improve the quality of the space. For the car park only focus on the efficiency, the physical condition may not cater the need of new function. So my thesis mostly focus on how to improve the

quality of the space: Light, the usage of the space.

停车场在香港非常普遍。 未来,由于汽车减少,停车场的需求将减少。 如何处理这些空车位? 他们应该被拉下来吗?或者他们应该转变成新的功能? 我的主题是停车场的自适应改造,试图找到一些解决方案,将一些停车场转变为其他用途。更大的问题是如何提高空间质量。 对于停车场只注重效率,物理条件可能无法满足新功能的需要。 所以我的论文主要集中在如何提高空间质量:光,空间的使用。



Curve Folding Technique In Architecture

By Cheung Hoi Wang

The traditional way of stiffening a sheet material is by the method of folding. By folding the sheet material, it is stiffened, and allow it to take up heavier loads, span longer or cantilever longer. However, when a curved surface is required to be stiffen, especially double curvature surfaces, it becomes very difficult. The only way is to tessellate the surface and stiffen the tessellated surfaces individually. As the usual folding method has its own limitation, which is the folded material behave anisotropically, and therefore

makes the tessellation extremely difficult.

This thesis is to explore curve folding technique as a method to stiffen the double curve surface. It is believed that by using the curve folding technique, the sheet material will have better performance structurally and spacially than by using the traditional folding method in double curve surfaces.

加强片材的传统方法是通过折叠方法。 通过折叠片材,它被加固,并允许它承受更重的载荷,跨越更长或更长的悬臂。然而,当要求弯曲表面变硬时,尤其是双曲率表面时,变得非常困难。 唯一的方法是镶嵌表面并单独加固镶嵌表面。 由于通常的折叠方法有其自身的局限性,即折叠材料表现各向异性,因此使得镶嵌非常困难。

本文旨在探索曲线折叠技术作为加强双曲面的方法。 据信,通过使用曲线折叠技术,与在双曲面中使用传统折叠方法相比,片材在结构和空间上具有更好的性能。




By Wu Yingxin

This thesis aim to explore the relationship between university campus and city and studies the potential of using educational projects to drive city's transformation and promote social intergration.

Tin Shui Wai is one of areas with the highest poverty rate in Hong Kong. It is a new town located in the northwestern New Territories, is known as the "city of Sadness" for several family tragedies and the high rate of suicide. By inserting an educational system into the town, the earnings and lifestyle of the residents can be changed within generations and positive impacts can be brought to the society.

A more diverse educational networks that is fully integrated with public space all over Tin Shui Wai is designed to make the society-related solution more effective. It seeks to challenge the type of traditional university campus and form urban spaces with a new learning and living relationships.

本文旨在探讨大学校园与城市的关系,研究利用教育项目推动城市转型,促进社会整合的潜力。天水围是香港贫困率最高的地区之一。 这是一个位于新界西北部的新市镇,被称为“悲伤城市”,因家庭悲剧和自杀率高。通过在城镇中插入教育系统,居民的收入和生活方式可以在几代人内部改变,并且可以为社会带来积极的影响。更多元化的教育网络与天水围各处的公共空间完全融合,旨在使社会相关的解决方案更有效。 它旨在挑战传统大学校园的类型,并通过新的学习和生活关系形成城市空间。



How Do We Craft Our Worlds

By Lim Kye Lee

The world depicted in anime encapsulates our memories and forces a new paradigm overlaid upon it. The director's act of world building and intertextuality relies on our memories to generate a world. Then we begin to build our own conceptions of their world.

Hong Kong is a borrowed place in a borrowed time. Hong Kong sits in between 50 years of post-colonialism, change and a complex multi-layered identity8. Much like how worlds are revealed in anime, our perception of the city is also not a static singular condition, but rather a transgressive measure of space. Taking Hong Kong as my playground of investigation, how do we begin to craft the rhizomatic conditions of our world? This thesis examines methodologies of representation through narratives which crafts

Hong Kong, using filmatic and mapping devices to reveal the complex presence of the city.

动漫中描绘的世界囊括了我们的记忆,并强加了一个覆盖它的新范例。 导演的世界建构和互文性行为依赖于我们的记忆来创造一个世界。 然后我们开始建立自己的世界观。香港是借来的借来的地方。 香港拥有 50 年的后殖民主义,变革和复杂的多层次身份 8。 就像在动漫中如何揭示世界一样,我们对城市的看法也不是一个静态的奇异条件,而是一种超越空间的超越尺度。 以香港为我的调查场所,我们如何开始创造世界的根茎状况? 本文通过叙述来检验香港的表现形式,使用电影和绘图设备来揭示城市的复杂存在。



Choreographing the Residential Abandonments

By Wong Kin Yin

Urban redevelopment and renovation in contemporary developed city usually are conducted by authoritarian forms of organization and governance. Little does an in-dividual can intervene with these top down policy and planning. Within the mainstream of urbanization, some architectural pieces are leftover and ruined.

Rather than letting it in waste or waiting for its formal redevelopment that may not reach citizens' expectation, there could be an alternative attitude that we, as an individual, can take a role to reinterpret and reshape these existing urban resources which may locate just next to us.

This thesis aims to adopt an informal and self-organized manner to engage and redefine the residential abandon-ment via mapping and abstraction of how wthe behavior-al remnants by any lifeforms, natural invasion or decay of non-hierarchical structures give new identity to a pre-vious villa. The negotiation within behaviors of individual squatter, unpredictable nature and aging structure re-invents the value of the urban leftover and gives hints to rethink the procedure and manner of constructing space.



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